Treasures for the Bibliophile

Mother-in-laws can be wonderful. Mine knows me well. She gave me a call today from the local historical society to tell me they were having a rummage sale, and that there were some old books there.  I am just a little surprised she thinks I need more books, though. When she helped me move to our current house 8 years ago I heard some complaining about how many boxes of books she had to move! ( I was 8 months pregnant, and both my parents and Richard’s helped us moved. It was AWESOME of them both to help me.) I have a few more books now…

My Stack


But on to my treasures! I love OLD books. I love their yellowed pages and old smell. I love the beautiful artwork that I often find inside. I love that I don’t have to worry about obscene words and passages. I love the ornate covers of some. I have been know to buy a book just for the cover. I even love the messages people write on the inside of the covers and the slips of paper that mark pages.

The Life of Sitting Bull

Inside Cover


So, I went to the sale and came home with seven books.  They were $0.50 each. The newest is from 1928 and the oldest is ‘Life of Sitting Bull and the Indian War of 1890-91’.  I am looking forward to some reading this winter. It has been a while since I have read some thing “new” to me. I just don’t get into new novels, not even the Christian ones. They lack something, and I can’t pinpoint what it is. I think it is depth. Building characters and describing scenery in detail is gone from modern books. I think this may be since we are able to “see” most of the world on tv  and the internet.

‘Heart’s Desire’ inside cover

‘The Trail of the Axe’ inside cover


‘How to Be Happy’ should provide hours of interesting reading. It is a book full of short moral readings. It has poems, bits of scripture, and encouragement to be a good person. Pieces are written by people like Frances Havergal and Charles Spurgeon. I think there is a lot by the Author, Grace Gold, too. ( That name makes me smile every time I read it.) Probably a book heavy on “works”, but it may have a few gems of “grace” in it. The gold embellished cover made me snatch it up, so anything good on the inside is a bonus! I plan on going in again since my Mother-in-law said that they will be adding more things as the sale goes on!

This cover makes me happy.

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