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A Walk Around the Farm

If you go for a walk with me around my little farm you might see…half blown dandelion, a friendly barn kitty to keep you company, a frisky goat kid soaking in the sunshine, a brooder full of growing chicks, a … Continue reading

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Dreaming of Spring

The first whiffs of spring are in the air here on the frozen tundra.  There has been several warm days this week and the snow is well on its way out. Will there be more coming? I don’t know, but … Continue reading

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Spring Farm Updates

Spring has finally come to the farm! This year we got turkeys and chicks again this year. They were tiny and cute a few weeks ago. They looked like this:   In just four short weeks, they look like this: … Continue reading

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Death on the Farm (Warning: Photos May Be Disturbing to City Slickers)

It seems to be that every predator’s favorite food is chicken. We always lose at least two birds a year to predators. One year we lost thirteen. Yes, thirteen. Those owls that are all the fad are quite fond of … Continue reading

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A Long Overdue Update

I’m sorry I disappeared for a while! Life just sort of took over- the garden, the animals,  the children, life in general. We were blessed with a super duper apple crop this year. I put up about 45 quarts of … Continue reading

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Eggcellent Eggs

With the sudden change from weather that would make the abominable snowman shiver to 30’s and sunny, our chickens have started laying again. This makes me VERY happy! I had been getting eggs from the store to supplement the three … Continue reading

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Lots of Growing Going On Here

Seems like everything around here is growing at hyper speed around here! The children, the chicks, the turkeys, and the weeds are all getting bigger. Abigail is about seven and a half months now. She is rolling all over the … Continue reading

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Jeepers Creepers…

Where’d you get those peepers? The Peepers have been here a few days now. We have about 25 Cornish cross (meat) chickens, about 10 laying chicks (Blacks, Reds, and Leghorns), and 8 Broad Breasted White turkey poults. They seem settled … Continue reading

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Cheep, cheep!

  Well, since we got our chicks last Wednesday I suppose it is about time I post about it! A friend I get eggs from sometimes offered to let me order meat chicks with her. She orders 100! (that means … Continue reading

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