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A Walk Around the Farm

If you go for a walk with me around my little farm you might see…half blown dandelion, a friendly barn kitty to keep you company, a frisky goat kid soaking in the sunshine, a brooder full of growing chicks, a … Continue reading

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Spring has Sprung!

        Spring is here in all it’s glory on the farm! The apple trees and lilacs are blooming as are the bleeding hearts. There have been two kids born so far, and I have another doe who … Continue reading

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It is Well with My Soul

  Things have settled down here quite a bit in the last week or so. Liana is all all better after her bout with milk fever. Her babies are doing well. They have been out with the barn with her … Continue reading

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Goat, Goats, and More Goats

The goat population here has more than doubled this week! My 2 yr old Saanan/Alpine cross, Daisy, kidded for the first time yesterday. She did a great job of pushing out a buck with a big head and a pretty … Continue reading

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Winter and the Animals

  This winter I had more animals to overwinter than any so far since I was a living at home with my parents. My parents had lots of animals, so I did spent lots of time in the barn in … Continue reading

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Goat Humor

I can’t count the number of trees, flowers, and shrubs my goats have destroyed in the last five years. We got a new fencer this summer and it seems to be keeping them in now. Let’s hope for the best! … Continue reading

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Busy Season

Summer is always a busy season for us. We usually have a good size garden, meat animals, and some ministry/Bible conference stuff, and the county fair to fill our time in the summer.   My garden has done well this … Continue reading

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