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Spring has Sprung!

        Spring is here in all it’s glory on the farm! The apple trees and lilacs are blooming as are the bleeding hearts. There have been two kids born so far, and I have another doe who … Continue reading

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My Three Favorite Places to Buy Garden Seeds

    Every year I try to grow more of our food on my own. While I don’t always reach that goal- think woodchucks, rabbits, potato bugs, and blight- it is something I strive for. The taste of food grown … Continue reading

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Busy Season

Summer is always a busy season for us. We usually have a good size garden, meat animals, and some ministry/Bible conference stuff, and the county fair to fill our time in the summer.   My garden has done well this … Continue reading

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Spring Farm Updates

Spring has finally come to the farm! This year we got turkeys and chicks again this year. They were tiny and cute a few weeks ago. They looked like this:   In just four short weeks, they look like this: … Continue reading

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Just Peachy ( or How to plant a tree in a hundred easy steps)

My birthday was recently. ( okay, maybe not. It was 2 months ago, but the tree just came recently.) My Mom asked me what I wanted and one of the things I requested was a peach tree. Growing peaches is … Continue reading

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A Long Overdue Update

I’m sorry I disappeared for a while! Life just sort of took over- the garden, the animals,  the children, life in general. We were blessed with a super duper apple crop this year. I put up about 45 quarts of … Continue reading

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Lots of Growing Going On Here

Seems like everything around here is growing at hyper speed around here! The children, the chicks, the turkeys, and the weeds are all getting bigger. Abigail is about seven and a half months now. She is rolling all over the … Continue reading

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Spring Time is Here!

Things have been busy here lately. We have been sprucing things up after a LONG winter. Richard is helping me with my many projects- things like fixing goat fences, re-doing the chicken wire on the coop, pitching manure out of … Continue reading

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Gardening with Little People

There are many reasons I garden besides the obvious one- to grow food. One of the main reasons I garden is because I find it very relaxing. It really helps me unwind and think. I can pursue some of those … Continue reading

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