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Spring has Sprung!

        Spring is here in all it’s glory on the farm! The apple trees and lilacs are blooming as are the bleeding hearts. There have been two kids born so far, and I have another doe who … Continue reading

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Fun Links

Today I thought I would share some fun links with you that I have run across this week. Homeschool: A large page with links to FREE downloadable books of all sorts. (of ALL sorts!) A website put together by … Continue reading

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Spring Time is Here!

Things have been busy here lately. We have been sprucing things up after a LONG winter. Richard is helping me with my many projects- things like fixing goat fences, re-doing the chicken wire on the coop, pitching manure out of … Continue reading

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San Francisco Here I Come

Not really. San Francisco sourdough starter here I come. I recently acquired some San Francisco sourdough culture from Cultures for Health. I have been curious about making sourdough for a while now, but have been afraid to take the plunge. … Continue reading

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Friday: Fighting the Frump Grocery shopping Edition

This will be short since it is late. Wow! I own a pair of pants! Went grocery shopping today, so I wore pants. For some reason I hate wearing a skirt grocery shopping. Yes, I think this is weird. 😉 … Continue reading

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Fight the Frump: Thursday

I don’t know how well I did today, but here it it, silly grin and all! I am trying to lose some weight around the middle so my shorter, cuter skirts fit me. I think the longer ones make make … Continue reading

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Fighting the Frump Monster

Soooo, they are having a good series over at To Love, Honor, and Vacuum this week about not dressing frumpy at home. Frumpy seems to be wearing pj’s all day, sweatpants, or yoga pants. I don’t wear pj’s all day … Continue reading

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Baby Busyness: Part One

    In my last post I mentioned not getting enough baby prep done, but I did manage to get some things done that I could do while not exerting large amounts of energy- a little bit of sewing and … Continue reading

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Kcwc: Day 1

I have been meaning to do some sewing for the children, but I have been procrastinating. Things are getting cold outside. This makes me want to sew! Over at Elsie Marley it is kid’s clothes sewing week, and I thought … Continue reading

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Spring Cleaning Challenge-Day 2

The day two challenge actually took me two days, and I only got the dining room done. Yes, ONLY the dining room! On Monday I found out that I got poison ivy on my face while planting some trees and … Continue reading

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