Flower Boots for My Girl

Lillon lucked out again with her size being picked for another pattern test. She is dancing around in a new pair of booties! Eden was supposed to get picked but it ended up she was the wrong size. Poor kid! Hopefully, her turn will come soon.

Check out these beauties-

Aren’t they sweet? They are made from a felted wool sweater and part of a fat quarter. The soles are leather scraps. I really liked the idea of boots with leather soles. We have wood floors in our house, so it is nice to have something that won’t slip and slide all over the floor. Lillon loves the big flowers on them, and I like that they were pretty quick and simple to sew. I think the flowers took longer than the boots, but they were well worth it. The boots fit nicely and don’t slide off at all. Lillon has worn them quite a bit since I finished them. The weather has been cold, and they do a good job of keeping her feet warm!

The Flower Boot pattern comes in baby sizes and children/youth sizes.  For Lillon I sewed up a size 13.  Big Little Patterns are very clear and well laid out. All the ones I have sewn have turned out beautifully! I had not trouble at all sewing these up. The designer gives tips for how to upcycle fabric and leather, so they cost me very little to make- probably less than a $1. If I had more leather I would have made Eden a pair, too. Maybe on another trip to the thrift store I will find a nice piece of leather for the soles. Richie was even interested in a pair- minus the flowers, of course!

If you would like to make a pair for your own little girl the Flower Boot pattern is 30% off for the next few days. That makes it only $5!



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