Every Girl Needs a New Pair of…Curtains?

Ever have one of those projects that you put off for an embarrassingly long amount of time? I hate to admit it but I have quite a few. I crossed one off my list today, though! My girls have been without curtains for a very long time. I didn’t really like the lace ones that were there, and they were not not the same length.

About a year and a half ago I picked up some fabric at the local Humane Society rummage sale to make them. ( I told you this has been put off for a LONG time!) It was a roll of sheer, pink meshy stuff. At a buck, it wasn’t staying there. I probably used about 8 yards for the curtains and 1 yard for an earlier project- part of the skirt of a princess dress, if you must know. I have barely made a dent in it yet. Good deal.

The curtains are pretty basic. I cut the length I needed from selvage to selvage to save time hemming the sides. I left a couple inches for the hem and about another three inches for the top. Each of the four panels is two of these pieces sewn together. I hemmed the bottoms, basted the tops together, and then sewed the top that runs through the rod as one piece. The tie-backs are a wide lace that I picked up at the thrift store on half price day.

Price of curtains:

.50 for fabric ( being generous here)

.50 for lace

$1 for thread ( approx.)

Total- $2

I did put quite a bit of time in- maybe 4 hours? If my services were $20 an hour the curtains would be an investment of $82. That makes them some pretty snazzy curtains! My girls sure are in love with them. I happen to think they are pretty, too, but I may be a little biased.

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